We take care of your skin and you. These may be diseases or just changes that you find disturbing.

At first, a medical diagnosis is provided by one of our dermatologists. Videography, dermoscopy, laboratory, allergy testing, computer-supported skin and body measurement and – if necessary - biopsies are used for diagnostics.

Technical progress and all the possibilities of modern laser medicine in a sophisticated, relaxed atmosphere lead to successful outcomes that were inconceivable a few years ago. Individual, personal medicine requires time and experience.


  • ER:YAG vaginal laser treatments: summer special offer till 15 August

    Treatments in the genital area are no longer taboo in the field of aesthetic medicine and can significantly improve the quality of life of afflicted women. A price reduction is granted to patients afflicted with either VRS, vaginal atrophy, SUI or genital pigment changes. Three treatments: CHF 1'800 instead of CHF 2‘250.

  • Ready, set, summer!

    Start now with a laser treatment to remove undesired hair and get 10% discount! Keep in mind that depending on the area, the treatment has to be repeated at intervals of six weeks which corresponds to the natural hair growth cycle. The best results are achieved when no hairs are plucked or waxed six weeks prior to and after the treatment -only shaving is permitted. 

  • PCT (Personalized Cell Therapy)

    What has been used to enhance post-surgery healing in pro athletes for a long time, is now available to anyone for aesthetic purposes such as hair growth stimulation. PCT also known as Plasma or Vampire Lifting is a special mesotherapy with thrombocyte rich autologous blood serum which regenerates the skin as well as the connective tissue from the inside. You are almost immediately presentable post treatment. Single Treatment: CHF 960 instead of 1200.